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Picture of Tanya Brooking, School Counselor

A message from me!

Summertime Success for Students - Practical tips for parents this summer!

  1. Set aside time each day.  Your kiddos desire a loving connection with you.  This does not have to be an elaborate activity.  Keep it simple!  Look at the stars, play a board game, go on a walk, run through the sprinkler, or roast some marshmallows.

  1. Create structure and boundaries. It’s so important to remember the necessity of routines. Children need to be freed of the tight structure of the school year, but they also need the security of knowing that some things will remain the same. Keep the same bedtime, maintain the same chore schedule, etc. You can easily discourage behavioral problems by ensuring a structured environment.

  1. Limit technology.  When it’s hot outside and kids are bored, screen time has a way of swallowing up all of their time. Parents can easily fall into the trap of technology becoming the babysitter. Replace that screen time with daily reading and regular trips to the library. Books open the imagination and creativity in every child.