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Please contact the front office regarding individual absences: 

Laurie Jenkins, Secretary/Registrar

Lightfoot Elementary wants to partner with you to prevent Chronic Absenteeism!

  • Chronic absenteeism correlates to low academic achievement.
  • Absenteeism is a powerful predictor of dropout rates.
  • Absenteeism has been linked to poor outcomes later in life.

Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing ten percent or more of the academic year for any reason, including excused absences, unexcused absences, and suspensions. Based on a 180-day school year, that means approximately 18 days per year or 2 to 3 days per month.

Truancy is the act of accruing one or more unexcused absences, where the parent is unaware of or does not support the student’s absence, or where the parent’s provided reason for the absence is not acceptable to the school administration.

Missed instruction, regardless of the reason, can have significant academic consequences. Therefore, the broader emphasis is on improving attendance for every student.

Parents of students who are absent must provide a valid note, send an email to the school, or call the school and state the reason for the absence upon returning to school or at least within 3 school days of the first day absent. Please let us know how we can support your child's regular school attendance.


View the Division's Attendance Policies Below: